• Comprehensive intake questionnaire to give your sleep consultant details about everything that’s been happening with your baby or toddler’s sleep and your goals for them.

  • 1 hour phone call to discuss how to establish strong, positive baby sleep habits including sleeping longer at night, lengthening naps, and falling asleep independently.

  • 4 emails with your sleep consultant to be used within 2 weeks of your consultation in order to troubleshoot or answer questions as they arise.

  • Age Based Schedule for your baby (at the age of the consultation) to help you establish ideal sleep patterns.

  • Great for parents who know some sleep basics and feel comfortable implementing a plan independently.

  • Taking notes during the sleep consultation is highly recommended!

Terms and Conditions

  • After purchasing, our team will reach out to you within 24-48 hours to schedule your phone consultation. We usually can schedule your call within 5-7 days of your purchase.

  • While we respect every family’s personal sleep decisions, by purchasing a consultation with, you’re agreeing to move your baby to their own safe sleep space if you are currently co-sleeping and discontinue any bed sharing.

  • By submitting payment you are agreeing to’s Service Contract.

  • We value your child and your family’s wants and needs. We will do our very best to minimize any crying during your consulting experience however, we cannot guarantee zero tears during the process.