About us

Being a parent is hard work. There are days filled with laughing and hugs and kisses, but how do you enjoy them when you’re up all night with a baby who won’t sleep? At Sleep Baby, our team of professional baby sleep consultants is here to help.

our mission

We want every family to experience the gift of a good nights sleep. It sounds simple, but anyone who has brought a baby into their home knows it isn’t. Whether it’s your newborn baby or your preschooler who is suddenly pulling all-nighters that rival your college days, our goal is to help you guide them to sleeping on their own, all night long so you all can get the restorative rest you need.

we want to get to know your family and your particular needs and desires so we can develop a custom sleep plan that works for you. Much more than a sample sleep schedule, this plan will be tailored to your baby and what you want for your family.

  Not only that, we want to stick with you while you put the plan into action which is why all of our consulting packages come with one on one support with a certified sleep consultant. Think of us as your trusted friend, who is also a professional baby sleep consultant, ready to answer all your baby and toddler questions, encourage you when things get tricky and celebrate when you succeed.

We have sleep consultants for infants and toddlers located in Dubai, Sharja, Alain and Abu Dhabi and are happy to work with clients all over the world through virtual consults on the phone or video.