Baby’s Routine &Sleep Consultant

Sleep plans specially designed and created to meet your needs as a parent.

Our Services


We conduct a thorough sleep evaluation and integrate our findings into a customized sleep training plan for your newborn.

Sleep Plan

After an assessment to gather information on your child’s sleep habits, we create a personalized sleep training plan with e-mail support.

Baby Massage Training Course

Your newborn baby needs extra gentle care. Learn how to safely massage his delicate baby skin while nurturing his development.we are help to help us how.

Caregivers /Babysitter Training

  Most UAE Residents have caregivers or babysitter at home. At Careline we aim to provide our help and care in the best and most cost-effective way, that’s why when needed we can provide training for care givers or babysitter at home

Our team will be prepared to provide training to your caregiver in a way that enables them to care efficiently and safely to your baby.

About Us

We are +10 years experienced in routine baby consultants. We know that baby thrive on routine and structure. There had to be a way to provide our kids with the sleep they needed; so our research began. We helpe guide yout baby towards a healthy sleep foundation and many things besides. We will structure his/her days and how much sleep she/he is getting at night. How to be energized and peaceful she/he is while awake.

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